Is your kitchen ready for a makeover? Refinish, Reface or Replace those cabinets?

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Is your kitchen ready for a makeover? Tips to help you choose to either refinish, reface or replace your cabinets.

Homeowners have many options when it comes to updating their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Our design experts examine the condition of the cabinets and make recommendations that best meets the homeowner’s style, budget and time constraints.

Cabinet refinishing

is the process of painting or staining existing cabinets. It’s the simpler, cheaper and far less intrusive solution. This is a good option if your cabinets are well-made and in good condition. If you like the cabinet doors you have and just want to change the color.  Going from stained wood to a darker stained wood or to a solid color, this could be the way to go. Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.50.21 AM

Cabinet refacing

is the process of replacing cabinet doors, drawer fronts and knobs and then applying new veneer to all the externally visible parts. Refacing is especially effective with cabinets made of laminate or some other non-wood material, since these surfaces can’t handle the stripping or staining that wooden cabinets absorb. Homeowners can choose from an almost endless list of choices.  We offer a wide array of wood, stain colors, and styles that are sure to match your taste in décor Refacing your kitchen cabinets may take as little as three to five days and costs about 50% less than the amount of new cabinets Cabinet-Refacing-Options-e1339082649540

Cabinet Replacing

can dramatically change the look and function of your kitchen and bathroom and add value to your home. Cabinetry design trends are shifting to reflect kitchens and baths designed with purpose, style and overall function in mind. Today’s cabinets not only look beautiful, but they are accommodating homeowners’ needs for more storage, better organization and ease of use. cabinets_new

At Corbella Kitchen & Bath, we pride ourselves on creatively designing spaces, not reselling the “basic cookie-cutter looks” most showrooms push out their doors. Experience is one of our strong points in designing home spaces. We have been in the remodeling industry since 1996 and bring years of experience to your project.