Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrade anywhere you want in your home with kitchen, bathroom, and closet remodeling services from Corbella Kitchen & Bath. We serve Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Contact us online for an estimate or call (904) 268-5211.

Our showroom is open by appointment only — call (904) 268-5211.

Sometimes, you need a slight upgrade to make your house feel new again, like installing new appliances or changing the hardware. We’re happy to help, no matter how big or small the project.

We’ve partnered with several cabinetry brands, giving customers plenty of options. The brands we currently use are:

We can install flooring in the rooms we renovate.

Our carpenters can add belt racks, valet rods, hampers, crown molding, and more to make your closet look unique. As a customer, you’ll also be able to choose from custom drawer and door designs in various colors and textures.

The type of countertop you need depends on your needs and preferences. Granite slabs are unique and durable but need resealing yearly to stay in shape. For something nearly indestructible with less maintenance, quartz is a popular option. Both types offer thousands of possibilities, so your kitchen or bathroom will stand out no matter what.

We do not guarantee completion dates. Typical our jobs run 6-10 weeks. Every job is different, we have exceeded this timeframe due to job circumstances. It doesn’t mean that you will be out of the room for 6-10 weeks, it just means we aren’t complete. We could be waiting on backsplash tile, paint touch ups etc.

Absolutely it is messy! Dust is our biggest opponent, there is no cost-effective way to completely stop the dust. We do our best to contain the mess.

Yes, we are, and we consider everyone that works for Corbella part of our family. There is 100% owner involvement.

Yes and no! Corbella is a small company, and we do focused projects incredibly well. We can complete a kitchen and bath 100% in house but when the job extends out of these areas sometimes, we cannot allocate our resources to them. We do have subcontractors that we can recommend to our contracted customers for most work. Also, there are things that we do not do, E.G., we do not provide appliances, no gas work, do not provide freestanding tubs, and we do not provide most high dollar items.

Yes and no! If everything goes according to plan, then no. Unforeseen circumstance, change orders, homeowners schedule, etc, could all lead to additional cost of your project. We are human and will miss things during the estimate and the design process…if we miss something it IS NOT included, and you will be given an estimate to see if you would like to add it.

Yes, but we will not warranty any of the work, material, or labor. You are responsible for any additional trip charges and additional work caused by homeowner provided materials.

We are only taking care of items in your contract. Extra issues such as wavy walls, electrical/plumbing not being up to code, drywall areas we haven’t touched, flooring under cabinets, walls out of square, crack in concrete, mold, dry rot, termites, structural damage are all examples of things outside of our services.

Yes, however the guys are not authorized to answer any questions. Anything asked and answered on the job is not considered part of the contract. All questions should go through your project manager. Corbella will not stand by any answer given in the field.

Yes, Corbella will do ONE standard free estimate, however we do reserve the right to give the option to charge for a large estimate. Corbella prioritizes our signed/existing customers over new sales. New sales leads do not appreciate this process, but the existing customers do appreciate. We feel it is better to allocate our time to existing customers then to put time into new sales.

No, Corbella orders extra material at our expense to make sure your job goes smoothly.

Absolutely not. We are working with imperfect people, imperfect material on imperfect homes. We are very proud of the work that we do, and our customers have given us wonderful reviews to show that.

No, Corbella does not employee any salespeople and there are no incentive-based bonuses. No one at Corbella will try to sell you or upsell you, we take a straightforward approach and we tell you what it will cost for Corbella to do your job.

No, if you are looking for a cheap contractor that doesn’t care about the customer or the work they do, then we are not for you. However, if you are looking for a contractor that cares about its customers, builds relationships, and is there for them well after the project ends, then we are for you.

Corbella prioritizes our signed/existing customers over new sales. New sales leads do not appreciate this process, but the existing customers do appreciate it. We feel it is better to allocate our time to existing customers. Our existing customers are our best source of advertisement, most of our business comes from referrals.

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