Comparative Maintenance of Natural Stone and Ceramic Tile

Flooring tiles are typically available in a range of materials, although, porcelain and natural stone are often among the most popular choices. The problem is, it can be difficult for many homeowners to pick between the two. Here, we take a look at both natural stone, ceramic tile, and their comparative maintenance. Cleaning Natural stone can be damaged by acid. Because of this, you have to avoid the use of any acidic cleaners, as they will cause a reaction in the stone which can result in a permanent stain. Sealing the surface will help to prevent this to some extent if spills or splashes occur with acid liquids, such as vinegar. With glazed ceramic, you can use virtually any cleaning agent that you want to completely sanitize the area. With harsher chemicals, you should be careful not to degrade the grout lines too much. You also want to make sure the space being cleaned is well-ventilated, and follow all manufacturer instructions in the application of any cleanser. Natural Stone Durability The structural strength of a ceramic tile comes from the temperature of the kiln when the ceramic is fired. Higher temperatures result in more durable materials, such as porcelain. For all glazed tile, the glazing helps prevent scratches and reduces wear. Natural stone also varies by type of material, with granite and slate being much harder than marble or limestone. However, stone can have hidden faults in individual pieces, and some materials may be prone to chipping along the edges and at the corners of the tile. In general, glazed ceramic is the right choice if you want a low-maintenance, stain-resistant, hassle-free floor. However, ceramic is not a completely natural product, and while it can mimic the look of stone, it is not able to fully reproduce it. For this reason, people often opt for the less durable natural option, even though it requires more care and maintenance. At Corbella Kitchen & Bath, we offer a wide variety of surface materials for your floors. Whether you are working on your kitchen or bathroom, we will help you achieve perfect flooring that you have always imagined for your home! Source: httpss://