Brighten Up The Kitchen – Kitchen Lighting Essentials

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We’re nearing the middle of January and this is the time of year when many of us become sensitive to the shortened number of hours of daylight. It’s normal for people to have table or floor lamps in their living rooms and bedrooms but it is more challenging to add supplemental kitchen lighting. This being said, let’s look at ways to improve lighting and brighten up our kitchens.

It is commonplace for older homes to have only one or two lights in the middle of the room. Glaring fluorescent lights were an unfortunate trend as well. Today, designers put much more thought and planning into the layout of kitchen lighting during the construction of new homes or kitchen remodeling projects.

Types of Kitchen Lighting

  • Task lighting is essential in food preparation areas. This would include under cabinet lighting to illuminated countertops and food prep areas as well as above the sink and stove (unless there is a hood fan with a light). Make sure that lighting is positioned correctly to avoid casting shadows on your work surface.
  • Kitchen islands and eating areas should also have their own dedicated lighting. An excellent way to achieve this is to use a group of pendant lights hung in a row or one fixture with multiple lamps. This layout will cast light over the length of the island or table and also adds visual interest.
  • Installing a dimmer switch for the lights above the eating area is a good idea as it allows you to dim the lights and set the mood for special dinners. It also gives you the option of keeping the lights low on those mornings when you need a little more time to ease into the day.
  • General ambient lighting is easily achieved with the installation of recessed lighting for overall lighting in the space. If you like, these can be on dimmers too.
  • Accent lighting can be added to highlight special areas or pieces in the kitchen. For example, you could install lighting inside a glass-fronted cabinet to highlight treasured heirlooms or a colorful glassware collection.
  • Play up the natural light in the room. If your kitchen receives natural light through windows, patio doors or skylights, take advantage of that light and don’t block it with dark window coverings.

Eco Lighting Tip

Using LED or CFL bulbs can reduce your energy use for kitchen lighting. When selecting fixtures, make sure the fixtures themselves are energy efficient and that they are compatible with energy efficient bulbs. As well, you may want to consider smart lighting options that allow you to program your switches and reduce your energy consumption.

Professional Kitchen Design

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